The Personal Touch

Having problems understanding or explaining what you need?

The RighStart system includes live remote desktop Personal Touch assistance. Using either Google+ Hangouts or our own SimpleHelp remote desktop software we can log into your computer and give you personal hands-on assistance. No more guessing, no more frustration.

  • Google+ Hangouts - Millions of people use Hangouts to talk face-to-face and with the desktop sharing feature we can walk you through any problem using the ubiquious Hangouts technology. All you need is a Google+ account.
  • Google+ Hangouts On Air - We can also record your session and you can refer to it later at your convenience. This allows you to take your time and not panic that you missed something important. No Notes Required!
  • Don't have a Google+ account? - NO PROBLEM! - We also have the remote desktop system, SimpleHelp that provides many of the same personal touch services (session recording is not available). SimpleHelp also provides system diagnostics that are not available through Hangouts.