Sonic Affiliates™ Reseller Partner Program!

Would you like to build your own part or full time web development business.

Do you have design or coding skills but don't know how to begin using those skills in the web development world? The Reseller Partner Program allows you to leverage the RightStart System to develop the basic foundation for your own business. Read more about our RightStart Systemâ„¢ to understand how the system works. The RightStart System™ allows you to integrate custom and enhanced sevices and still leverage the core of the system. The key is that it can be a part time or full time business and you can leverage specific skills as a contractor or a wide range of skills as a full service business, and the system will supply the missing pieces automatically.

If you are interested in the Reseller Partner program, send us an email by clicking the "Email a Quick Question" and we can arrange a phone meeting to discuss how this might work for you.

You can also download the Schedules [PDF] and we also put together some examples of how you can participate to maximize your income.

Contractor Role Opportunities

As a part time business you can participate in the RightStart System™ as a contractor, where your specific skill is one of the following:

  • Graphic Designer
  • Programmer with HTML/CSS experience
  • Web Strategist, SEO, or Marketing experience

Using these skills you can participate as a contractor in the following ways:

  • Contribute Designs - Designs must conform to one of several underlying structures and must be approved as being compatible with the RightStart system.
  • Breakout Designs - Designs are broken out in a specific way so as to minimize download bandwidth and reside in the style sheet ONLY. This takes specific understanding of web standards based construction.
  • SEO - Our SEO packages require someone that has experience in SEO techniques and processes. Our packages have very specific requirements to insure a consistent execution of those tasks.
  • Coder - Experience with web standards requirements and construction are required. Your task will involve assembly of pages with content, menu updates and style sheet adjustments. All pages must pass the W3C validator.

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