Sonic Affiliates™ Referral Partner Program

1. Step One - Apply for the basic referral program

  • Your referrals can choose from our range of website services:
    • FreeSite- You will earn from any additional services they purchase.
    • Classic Site - Keep to a classic website that you can add tools and plugins to fit your unique needs.
    • WordPress Site - Get involved with your website using content management, blogging, SEO and Social Media.
  • They can get technical service from our SonicWebTech program
    • PayPal - Consulting, Programming, Installations
    • Shopping Carts - Configurations, Installations
    • Custom Technical Services - Video, image galleries, Music players, custom programming, and many other technical services

2. Step Two - Refer - Pass out your Affiliate Code.

  • We have banners and email links to make it easy to refer.
    • Banners - Passive sales from you website. We can customize them to integrate seamlessly
    • Email Links - Add it to your newletter as a service.
  • Resources - eBooks and articles that you can use to enhance your website and give you confidence that the RightStart Program is right for your customers and associates.

3. Step Three - The best part: Get a check in the mail!

  • 30 days after the sale you get your check!
    • Affiliate Manager -Monitor your account and keep track of your earnings.
    • Membership Benefits
      • Help Desk - Special help as a member
      • Resources - eBooks, articles, FAQs

How does this work?

After you sign up:

  • You receive a Referral Affiliate code that identifies your referrals to our system.
  • You will have your own “Sonic Affiliate Manager” login so you can track the results of your referrals.
  • Referral opportunities:
    • Refer possible clients and associates to our website to purchase the services they need.
    • Add a Referral Partner Banner to you website. This banner links your personal referral code to the products or services this referral might purchase.
    • Use email links for newsletters and email referrals
  • Your referral must use your Affiliate code when purchasing products and services.
  • Online purchases using this code often can provide a discount to your referral of between 5% and 20%
  • You will receive cash back off on all of their purchases of any qualifying products or services.
    • The amount paid is at the discretion of SonicSpider but generally amounts to about 10% of the final purchase amount (Current schedule is available upon request). This can range between
    • You will receive your check within 30 days after the services are paid in full by the new client.
    • Hosting, ebooks and assessment fees are excluded. See Terms for complete list of qualified services.
  • Additional Member Benefits
    • Access to the Help Desk system
    • Free access to all program eBooks, articles and Specials
    • Special Discounts

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