Sonic Affiliates™ Alliance Partner Program

Would you like to earn affiliate revenue and add Web Development to your services?

Do you have a web related or business or marketing consulting business that often uses others for web development services. If so, then the Alliance Partner Program allows you to add those services directly to your business process and have greater control over the results. Read more about our RightStart System™ to understand how you can leverage our system.

The goal of the Alliance Partner program is integration of web development services INTO your business. Where you participate with your client in the web development process. Thus ensuring the outcomes will be compatible with your ongoing services with this client.

Examples of How this Might Work

Graphic Designer

You design marketing materials and logos and would like to extend this into building websites. You may have tried your hand at this already and found a lot of surprises and challenges. As an Alliance affiliate you can leverage the RightStart System™ to provide those services, insuring that your client gets all of the technical and "under the hood" details correct and you can be assured of a clear and well documented process.

How do you handle Custom designs or themes?

This is a challenge because on of the ways the RightStart program controls costs is to keep the design or theme choices tightly under control. This is an area where the cost of a project and become out of control. You either you end up working for free or your client gets a big bill and may not like that choice. This is where we would need to work together on the details. Some general suggestions are:

  • Classic Site
    • Client select a design from the designs page that uses the desired starting layout.
    • After purchase the designer recieves the psd file and the breakout images.
    • Using the same layout structure, the designer customizes the design and does a new breakout that matches the samples.
    • This process results in no extra charges within the RightStart System.
  • WordPress Themes - Themes are harder because we are dealing with a dynamic system in which the design components locations can vary from theme to theme. Here is a basic outline of that process.
    • Client selects a theme from the "Recommended Themes" page.
    • After purchase we provide the specific component images used in that theme.
    • Designer customizes components (color swatches, header image, buttons and icons) and retains identical names and sizes.
    • We subsittude those components.
    • If we are asked to move or change positions or sizes of components there will be a customization charge from the RightStart System.

Traditional Marketing or Business Consultant

You client either needs a website or needs to rebuild and existing website that is not meeting the business or marketing goals. You can then work with them on selecting the right product, design or theme and content. You would have access to the Customer Development and Resource Center and use this system to guide your client through the process. Once you have completed the required worksheets you then can be confident that the business and marketing needs will result in the website you ordered for your client.

Online Marketing, Web Strategist, or SEO professional

Your client has a website but it is a mess with regard to the online marketing/SEO requirements. You can refer them to the RightStart Program knowing that you will beable to participate in the fundimental SEO requirments of their website to ensure that you can build on that foundation going forward. You would have access to the Customer Development and Resource Center and use this system to guide your client through the process.

How do I get started?

After you complete the sign-up:

  • You receive an Alliance Affiliate code that identifies your referrals to our system.
  • You will have your own account in the “Sonic Affiliate Manager” so you can track your Alliance referrals.
  • Online Sonic Affiliate Forum or the Help Desk is available, where you can ask questions about products and services and to help you better understand how best to refer those products and services.
  • You receive an Affiliate Code that identifies your referrals. This code must be used in the checkout process and provides your referrals with a discount. (Generally about 10% with specials up to 20%. This may vary from product or service)
  • You will have access to a selection of banners for your website and use of the Sonic Affiliate Manager system to track the results of your all referrals. The banners automatically link you to that customer for all qualifying purchase over the next 30 days. (The affiliate code will work beyond that time).
    • Banners can be customized to be linked to any of our services that might best fit your clients best.
    • Banner may include a discount between 5% and 10% as assigned to your Affiliate Code.
  • Integrate the RightStart System™ into your services
    • If you have unique needs we will work with you to develop the best way to integrate web development into your services.
    • Access to your clients Sonic Development Center. Through this access you can direct and manage you clients web development process so that it meets the goals of your services.
    • Branding - Special Banners and landing pages can help integrate branding and keep your band at the forefront of your client.
  • You will receive commission on all qualifying online purchases in which the referral uses your Affiliate Partner code.
    • Commission schedule and qualifying products and services is available upon request. The about is generally around 10% of the final purchase amount (not counting other discounts and offers)
    • You will receive your check within 30 days after the services are paid in full by the new client. (Limitations and conditions outlined in the Terms of Business)
    • Hosting, ebooks and assessment fees are excluded. See Guidelinesfor complete list of qualified services.
  • Education
    • Resources - Affiliate Manager Resources - eBooks, articles and FAQs
    • Forums - Discussions and questions
    • Help Desk - Targeted issues
  • Once you have made your first Alliance Partner sale, your website link will be added to our “Alliances” page. This will include information about your products and services for the benefit of all RightStart customers. (Adds to your SEO results) (Note: At least one sale per year must occur to remain on this Alliance page)

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